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FMEC Group UK provide digital farming solutions and technology that specifically helps agricultural businesses to achieve greater efficiencies in their operations. Our platform provides you with the means to make your crops better tomorrow by making better decisions today, driven by real time insights from the field. Every solution is carefully adjusted to each client’s specific environment, making it easy to run and ensuring maximum effect.




Intelligent farming helps you run your business more efficiently

FMEC Intelligent AG

FMEC Intelligent AG is a powerful combination of modules, providing you with a highly sophisticated digital solution that works out of the box and is tailor made to suite your requirements. Delivering task specific real time dashboards for different levels of management, FMEC Intelligent AG is a sophisticated management suite that can assist you with every single business process from optimizing your resources and crop rotations, controlling your stock levels, optimizing routes, fuel and mileage to tracking and securing your product from field to storage at harvest.

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Real-Time Dashboards

Agricultural Digital Software for Farming

The heart of the system are the real time dashboards we build that reflect key indicators of the corresponding process. This enables you to understand how good the process works on a daily basis and if perceived and projected values or results have been achieved at a certain stage of the production cycle.

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FMEC Field & Crop Management

FMEC in partnership with Cropio, the world’s most advanced crop health management and vegetation control platform, helps farms set up a state-of-the-art approach for day-to-day crop and field management challenges. We’ll help you launch a digital approach in farm management using Cropio from the very beginning and then provide you with day-to-day support and personal training.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor all your fields in one place
  • Get real-time updates on current field and crop conditions
  • Receive immediate notifications if something’s wrong
  • Track changes even if you’re offline
  • Forecast your harvest

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